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Our History

Bespoke Foods

Current Generation

Anthony joined the parents in farming in 2003 and expanded the business into food processing in 2009 when Christina also joined the business. Bespoke foods was born in 2016 as an independent business (spin off) originally focused on a speciality range of chips.

3rd Generation

Christina and Anthony were born into a life of potato farming. Their passion for potatoes grew from the passion of their parents who were first married in 1961 and established their own potato farm soon after.

2nd Generation

Christina and Anthony’s maternal grandparents married in 1941, they were inseparable whilst working together farming in Gembrook, Victoria.

1st Generation

Christina and Anthony’s maternal great grandfather, Saverio Gallenti Circa 1929-1930, started potato farming near Gembrook. They were one of the few families who pioneered potato farming in the area.